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Browns Valley, California 95918
Gateway to the Foothills of Northern California
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Fire Weather Index California Fires

Last Updated: 02/13/11 at noon
Current Weather conditions
TEMP(°F)   RH(%)   WIND(Km/h)   Direction   24 hour rain(mm)
56.1        42      6.7            0         0.0
Yesterdays values
FFMC     DMC     DC    ISI       BUI      FWI
84.5      2      115    3.0       4        1.6
Todays values
FFMC     DMC     DC    ISI       BUI      FWI
85.1      2      118    3.0       4        1.6

Some information is provided by a private weather station and is not an officially recognized station for weather reporting.
Though we strive to achieve accurate reporting for our own use it is important that you do NOT depend
on the data provided here for any purpose.
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